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Joo Ji Hoon shows off doctor charisma in “Medical Top Team”!

[2013-09-09 10:33:20]

【September 2=KEJ Akane Okubo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Actor Joo Ji Hoon is expected to shoot straight into the hearts of women across the nation this fall.

Taking on a doctor role for the first time in his acting career in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday miniseries “Medical Top Team” (Screenwriter Yoon Kyung Ah; Director Kim Do Hoon; Producer A Story), Joo Ji Hoon is already a hit with women as single doctor Han Seung Jae.

Joo Ji Hoon will be portraying the director of internal medicine who seems to be a modest man with passion and heart. Han Seung Jae’s presence alone seems to humble any other colleagues in the hospital, and it is expected that Joo Ji Hoon will be executing an air of confidence brilliantly.

More than anything, Han Seung Jae is a doctor who makes the hospital runway into a stage to show off his own abilities with an abrasive charm that will most likely increase expectations for the character in the long run. With his sharp charisma, the character of Han Seung Jae is expected to add another element into this drama by drawing out humanity from this seemingly heartless character.

Many are very curious as to how Joo Ji Hoon is working with his fellow cast in front of the camera, especially with top stars Kwon Sang Woo (Park Tae Shin), Jung Ryeo Won (Seo Joo Young), and Oh Yeon Seo (Choi Ah Jin). With many extreme arguing scenes planned ahead between the cast, there will also be many chances for those scenes to reveal much about each character and their respective back stories.

A representative from “Medical Top Team” has shared, “Joo Ji Hoon has quintessentially become the character and exudes the power that Han Seung Jae has on set. He’s been receiving many compliments from the staff as he is able to do a complete 180 and shed his naturally friendly personality while simultaneously putting on a cold exterior in front of the camera”.

Meanwhile, “Medical Top Team” tells the story of the best doctors in each of their particular fields and their methods to make miracles come true and feature an extravagant cast featuring actors Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Yeon Seo, and Min Ho (Kim Sung Woo).

Taking breaths away just from his presence, Joo Ji Hoon will be featuring as Dr. Han Seung Jae on MBC’s newest Wednesday-Thursday miniseries beginning October 2nd after the ending of “Two Weeks”.

(Photo=A Story)


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