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How Lee Joon Gi Became the Vampire “Scholar Who Walks the Night”

[2015-07-06 10:26:53]

[June 22= KEJ Kim Sun Hwa / Translator Jeong Ji Hyun] Drawing much popular attention, a still from the soon-to-be aired show “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” reveals Lee Joon Gi’s vampire instincts in action.

Airing on MBC this July on Wednesdays and Thursdays, “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” (also called the “Night Scholar”) is a fantastic melodrama; its staff revealed on June 22nd images from the show’s set portraying Lee Joon Gi’s performance as the vampire scholar Kim Sung Yeol.

Revolving around Kim Sung Yeol (played by Lee Joon Gi), a breathtakingly sensuous and beautiful “Sunbi” or Korean scholar, the drama is sure to deliver both a sweet and savage romance and a bone-chilling thrill through the fascinating subject of vampires.

In the plot, Lee Joon Gi plays Kim Sung Yeol, a righteous government official and a son of a noble family during the Joseon Era, who becomes a vampire by a turn of fateful events. Prompting both curiosity and anticipation at once, the released stills depict the scene in which Kim’s vampire instincts come into being.

In the revealed scene, Kim Sung Yeol walks through the crowded streets to discover, to his dismay, something grave posted up on the castle gates. In his glaring eyes is a deep sorrow that makes one wonder what exactly it could be that he saw at the moment. The dirt on his face and his overall haggard appearance also signal the dire situation he endures.

Meanwhile, other shots draw attention to Kim Sung Yeol’s eyes turning red while he resists the government troops in agony. Most noteworthy are the two distinct bite marks on his neck and the red blood stains on his clothes that exude an ominous atmosphere.

All of these scenes depict the twist of fate that turns Kim Sung Yeol into a vampire whose feelings of despair, anger, and pain explode all at once upon encountering the unfortunate news in the streets. Filmed at a set in Moon Kyeong on the 27th of last month, Lee Joon Gi’s performance as the protagonist captures the complex combination of despair, anger, pain, sorrow, and confusion using all of his body. The staff at the set expressed great praise towards Lee’s realistic acting as a vampire.
“In the scene where he becomes a vampire for the first time,” said the “Night Scholar”’s crew, “Lee Joon Gi’s emotional acting was on point. He expressed the complex and shifting feelings solely through his eyes and motion, and his vampire transition is an exceptionally good scene that he performs with such explosive energy.” The staff also pleaded the audience to “stay tuned to the pilot episode, to find out the turn of events that transforms Kim Sung Yeol into a vampire and what it is that he encounters on the streets.”

Airing for the first time in July, the “Night Scholar” is a collective effort by Lee Sung Joon, producer of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and “Empress Ki," and author Jang Hyun Joo whose work includes “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.” After “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” which was one of MBC’s most acclaimed show, the “Night Scholar” garners much anticipation as it prepares to be this summer’s single most popular fantasy drama (Photo by Contents K).


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