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"Tamaki Hiroshi Look-Alike" Taiwanese Actor On Seung-Ho "Would Like to Take a Picture with Him Sometime"

[2011-07-04 14:04:00]

【June 13th= KEJ Saito Mizuki/ Photographer= Koo Hye-Jin/Translation=Jeong Ji-Hyun】The Taiwanese actor On Seung-Ho(33) held a conference in Tokyo on June 5th.

The main purpose of his visit to Japan was to promote the Taiwanese drama “The Fierce Wife” which is on air on BSNihonTV since June 9th.

On Seung-Ho became a star when he appeared in “Queen of Marriage”, which was the trendiest and the most popular drama in Taiwan in 2009. “P.S. Man”, another drama in which he played, was also a huge hit. Ever since, he has appeared in many different commercials and become one of the top celebrities who represent Taiwan.

On the day of the conference, On Seung-Ho showed off a rather mature atmosphere in a charming black suit. He is also famously known as the “Tamaki Hiroshi of Taiwan”. When asked about this during the event, he laughed and said: "I was even invited as a guest to the opening event when the movie “Nodame Cantabile” came out in Taiwan." He also made the staff laugh by imitating Tamaki Hiroshi’s character in the movie, gesturing his arms like a conductor with a baton. He also added that “If I get a chance, I would like to meet him and take a picture with him.”

“The Fierce Wife” portrays how the life of a man with an ordinary marriage and family abruptly deteriorates when he comes to love another young woman. 1/4 of the Taiwanese population regularly watched this tremendously popular drama. Although it is now over in Taiwan, the drama’s social impact remains huge, producing certain popular catchphrases like “young lover”.

On Seung-Ho enthusiastically performed the character of a husband who becomes a cold man as he gradually drifts away from his wife. He playfully commented that “I’m also personally friends with Ms. Sonia who plays my wife because we have acted together for 4 times. This time, we were so into our characters that we often became hostile to each other as we do in the plot.” He also suggested that the audience pay special attention to “how the drama realistically shows how to resolve huge post-marital problems.”

Revealing that he has personally visited Japan several times, On Seung-Ho added words of compassion saying “Japan is currently facing a harsh situation due to the earthquake, but Taiwan and China are doing everything in our power to help. When Taiwan suffered from an earthquake, Japan showed much support for the Taiwanese. I wish that Japan gathers strength from everyone’s help and recovers soon.”


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