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Woo Sung Min’s Dynamic Attractiveness

[2010-05-28 14:01:09]

【April 6th, Ikebukuro=KEJ Yui Haruna /Translator=Jeong Ji Hyun】Singer Woo Sung Min held his first concert of the year on April 6th, at the Tokyo Cultural Center. Having sung the main theme song of the movie “April Snow,” starring Bae Yong Jun, Woo Sung Min is currently active in Japan.

The concert was themed to match the atmosphere of the movie “April Snow.” In the interview prior to the show, he revealed his excitement by remarking that “singing to a professional band’s superb performance is a true joy.” Opening the show with his grand ballad “Satori Ni Challenge”, Woo Sung Min instantly absorbed his fans into his world of music. “Just being with you here today gives me happiness,” said Woo Sung Min after a passionate singing.

The highlight of the day was the special act featuring Woo Sung Min’s more comical side. Disrobing his usual image as a soft ballad singer, he appeared on stage wearing an afro, sunglasses, and even fake chest hair. During the cover of Earth, Wind, & Fire’s dance songs “Fantasy” and “September”, Woo Sung Min engages the entire audience into dancing with him. For the encore, he presented another sensual ballad “Kiwoku Ni Naku” (Crying to Memories).

This coming June, Woo Sung Min plans to hold his first fan meeting in Seoul, celebrating both his birthday and the fan club’s first year anniversary. It was five years ago when he first debuted; now he ambitiously looks forward to “performing not only in Korea and Japan but also on a bigger international stage” in the next five years.


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