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【First Week of September KOREA】 Kara makes comeback with “Damaged Lady” at Busan International Film Festival!

[2013-09-13 14:46:32]

【September 6=KEJ Minja Kwak / Translator Eunbee Kim】 The first week of September was opened with Kara’s comeback showcase celebrating new activity in over a year as well as the group’s press conference held at the 18th annual Busan International Film Festival.

At 3pm on September 2nd, Kara held their comeback showcase at the UNIQLO – AX Hall in Seoul, performing “Damaged Lady” for the very first time as well as sharing their experiences with their new album. Being their first full length album in nearly two years after the release of their third album “STEP” in 2011, the group’s fourth album shows off the growth of “7 years” in the Kara members turning into adults. Holding a showcase in Korea for the first time in a very long while, Kara has revealed about their preparations, “Because it has been a long while since we last released an album here in Korea, we wanted to show how we’ve grown and matured both musically and emotionally since our debut”.

The album’s title track, “Damaged Lady”, through its lyrics details the raw and honest feelings of a woman after parting with her love, and is a new and innovative piece in the K-Pop world as it contains strong rock sounds belonging to the French pop genre.

Hara shared, “I just accepted the title of damaged lady as it was, but it was fun to explore the idea of ‘I can’t become a damaged lady’. With the sound of the chorus in our ears, we always wondered whether or not we would actually sound like the real Kara”.

Gyuri commented, “I was really able to relate to the lyrics of the song as a woman myself. It feels as if I’m able to let something out through the lyrics that truly depict something so hard to put into words”.

“Damaged Lady” has also been receiving attention due to the strong performance paired with the powerful lyrics of the song. The point of the performance is the one move with the ring that signifies the whole act of leaving that is a part of the song itself.

Nicole introduced the song by saying, “There are two points to the dance this time. There is a special part where a ring sitting on the fourth finger is removed and tossed away that conveys the significance of leaving”.

Kara, revamping themselves to show off a more mature image, will officially begin promotional activity for their new album following their comeback showcase.