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“Shinhwa TV” comeback to be unveiled November 3rd!

[2013-10-21 11:28:41]

【October 15=KEJ Mai Okune / Translator Eunbee Kim】JTBC’s hit variety show “Shinhwa TV” will be returning after beginning hiatus this past summer.

“Shinhwa TV” ended on June 16th to make way for a break. Returning on November 3rd, the show will have a concept of “Shinhwa finding little Shinhwa”. After the legendary group debuted 16 years ago, the members have become heros in the minds of the viewers and fans worldwide. Shinhwa is once again showing their warm and kind sides as they share their stories together from the past.

Through the new broadcasts of “Shinhwa TV”, the group will be sharing their stories that fans have loved time and time again in the past. Always finding a way to make their projects fun, expectations are high for how the group will be executing this new concept of “Shinhwa TV”.

This upcoming season of “Shinhwa TV” will be the season in which Shinhwa members and viewers come together in the broadcast. The heartwarming new “Little Shinhwa” will begin broadcast on November 3rd at 11pm on JTBC.