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New Show “Super Idol” Features Hallyu Superstars Kim Jong Gook, The One, Chae Yeon, Shinhwa, & Jang Woo Hyuk

[2015-07-08 11:06:10]

【July 7th=KEJ Kim Sun Hwa / Translator Jeong Ji Hyun】Korean stars who rocked Asia will grace the TV screen via “Super Idol.”
Drawing attention in both Korea and China, MBC MUSIC released news of its new show “Super Idol.” Co-produced with the Chinese media company TV ZONE, MBC MUSIC’s new program goes on air on July 10th in China and on July 14th in Korea at 7 PM.

The purpose of the program is to discover, select and train members of a future idol group that will eventually debut in China. A massive collaborative project, the show combines efforts of the rising Chinese music market, the training expertise of the K-Pop industry whose success speaks for itself, and potency of Korean culture.

Especially notable is the extravagant lineup of stars who plan on appearing on the show, befitting the grand scale of the Korean-Chinese collaboration. It includes big stars of the “Hallyu” (or the “Korean Wave”) who charmed fans all across the Asian continent.

First of all, there are Kim Jong Gook and The One, two of the judges on the show. A singer, entertainer, and actor all at once, Kim Jong Gook is an all-around performer much loved in both countries. Similarly, The One is also famous throughout the continent for his heart-melting voice that he displayed on “I Am a Singer,” a popular singing competition program.

Even besides Kim Jong Gook and The One are other giants in the Hallyu movement. These include: Lin, the voice behind the enchanting soundtrack of the drama “You Who Came from the Stars”; Jang Woo Hyuk from the original idol group H.O.T; Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung; Chae Yeon, who has both the cute and the sexy sides; and Ha Ha, an outstanding entertainer and performer. Add to the list a special appearance by the K-Pop legend PSY, and this fantastic lineup of superstars will surely be a magnificent gift to all of “Super Idol’s” participants.

According to the program staff, “There are many other celebrities who plan on being on the show besides the list that has been revealed so far.” Reassuring the audience once more, he guaranteed the fun of “watching both Korean and Chinese would-be stars train with their blood and sweat, in the presence of big-time Hallyu icons. Please stay tuned!”

Featuring the hopeful dreams of aspiring superstars and the energy of Hallyu legends, the global audition program “Super Idol” goes on air on July 14th at 7 PM on channels MBC MUSIC and MBC every1 (Photography=MBC MUSIC Super Idol).