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“Kings of Baking” Yoon Si-Yoon and Joo Won Land on Japan

[2011-07-27 14:57:00]

【July 24th Odaiba, Tokyo=KEJ Saito Mizuki/ Photographer=Chang Dong-Yeop/ Translator= Jeong Ji-Hyun】 On June 24th in Odaiba, Tokyo, Yoon Si-Yoon(24) and Joo Won(23), the main actors in the drama series “King of Baking, Kim Tak-Goo”, held an event to celebrate the drama’s broadcasting in Japan. The drama is currently on air on “Hallyu Alpha”, a program on Fuji TV that features Korean dramas.

The drama was a grand hit in Korea last year and set the record as the 5th most watched drama in Korea, maintaining a regular screening rate of 38.7% and 58.1% for the last episode. A heartwarming tale of love, family, and hope, the drama follows the journey of Kim Tak-Goo (played by Yoon Si-Yoon), an honest and hardworking youth who, in order to reunite with his long-lost mother, resolves to become the best baker in the world.

The event took place as part of Fuji TV’s annual summer event “United States of Odaiba” and was the first in which the two main actors met with the Japanese audience. Despite the heat of the outdoor venue, approximately 3,000 fans of all ages flocked to the event and made it a lively scene.

The two actors seemed utterly surprised by such immense welcoming. Revealing that he is visiting Japan for the first time ever, Yoon Si-Yoon was unable to hide his thrill as he said with a wide smile, “I feel like I’m walking on clouds.” Joo Won, also on his first visit to Japan, added that “Everything is refreshing and exciting. This has never happened so far, not even in Korea.”

As they are bakers in the drama after all, the two actors had to perform their mastery of making breads in front of the crowd. “Since we are in Japan, I’ll make mine in the shape of an onigiri,” added Yoon Si-Yoon. When interviewers asked about what to see, eat, and do in Japan, Yoon Si-Yoon delighted the crowd by saying, “I want to attend the soba eating competition as the Korean representative… and win first place!” Meanwhile, Joo Won replied that he wants to visit Shinjuku and “try Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki sometime.”

When asked about his ideal woman, Yoon Si-Yoon answered, “A girl who looks good in dresses, has white skin, and has a cute voice… just like Chibi Maruko-chan.” Joo Won said that “if I had a lover, I would make hotteok (Korean pancakes) for her sometime; I’m really good at making them,” to which Yoon Si-Yoon protested, “Why didn’t you ever offer me some? We live really close!” Joo Won added that “when I propose to my lover one day, it would be on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park.”

The two also prepared a live singing performance as a surprise. Joo Won, an experienced musical actor, showed off his powerful voice by singing a line from “Jekyll & Hyde.” Yoon Si-Yoon further entertained the fans by singing the song “One Star” in Japanese.
At the close of the event, the actors bade farewell to the fans as Yoon Si-Yoon remarked, “As well as portraying the main themes of love and family, the drama also introduces different kinds of bread. We hope that out Japanese viewers will be able to enjoy and have fun watching the drama.”

“King of Baking, Kim Tak-Goo” airs on weekdays on Fuji TV’s “Hallyu Alpha” until August 24th. (DVD Box Stills and Covers = Licensed by KBS Media Ltd. 2010 KBS All rights reserved.)